Coding Rocks. #EOF

Kade (Kids Android Development Environment) is a simple programming language that helps kids (of any age!) understand how to program. It removes a lot of the complexity of writing games for Android and introduces some basic concepts of software development.

I came up with the concept after my son mentioned a programming competition at school, but the only development tools he had available were either simple "drag-and-drop" programs or Python. Now, don't get me wrong - nothing wrong with Python, but when I learned programming it was in BASIC, and that seems to have been lost along the way.

Kade takes the concepts of BASIC and mixes them a bit with more modern languages. The crucial bit here is that kids learn the fundamentals of programming. I wanted to take away the need to understand too much about variable declaration, strict types and so on.

Use the on-line editor to develop your software (http://www.kade.mobi/KadeCentral) and quickly learn about logic, loops, structure and so on.